Mercer Island Schools Band Boosters

Let Mercer Island Band Boosters and Relish+ take the stress out of answering the question “What’s for Dinner?” and help raise money for the band.

50% of the profits go to the Mercer Island Band Boosters and funds this year’s activities.

With Relish+ you can spend less time planning meals and more time enjoying them. Find thousands of 5-star recipes and drop them into your calendar in under 10 minutes. Order everything from Instacart, Costco, Walmart, your favorite grocery store, or take your auto-generated shopping list to the store, and *BOOM*...your weekly meal plan is done!

Your Relish+ membership also includes our all-new weekly live cook-along school, where acclaimed chefs help you cook an easy, healthy meal together - have fun, learn a new recipe, and dinner is done at the end of the class for your family!

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Every month you subscribe to Relish+, more is donated to your organization!

Introducing Relish+

More affordable than meal kits. More flexible than traditional meal planning services. Way easier than doing it all yourself.

Full access to a library of high quality meals from the best publishers

Unlike most meal planning services, Relish+ allows you to access our entire library of customizable meal plans created using tried and true recipes from top bloggers and recipes sites that you know and love.

Customizable meal plans that work for you

We create the plan, you make changes so it’s realistic for your life. You can easily adjust the number of servings that a recipe makes, swap out any recipes within a meal plan and change the amount of days a plan covers to fit your needs.

Get organized with our easy to use meal planning calendar

Plan out what your family will be eating for days, weeks or even months at a time! Drag and drop recipes or entire meal plans to a calendar, make adjustments, and choose which days to shop for when it is convenient for you.

Save time with your smart Relish shopping list

Once you’ve selected the recipes you’re planning to make, the ingredients you need will be added to a consolidated shopping list. You can sort your list by grocery aisle or ingredient, and easily remove items you don’t need. Use the shopping view when you take your phone to the store and check off items as you shop, or print it out.

Getting groceries has never been easier

Choose from a list of local grocery stores and have all of your items ready for pickup or delivered in just a few clicks. Relish+ works with Instacart, Walmart, Amazon Fresh, Kroger and more.

Meal Plans and Recipes from the Most Trusted Sources

Relish+ offers members access to a library of meal plans created by nutritionists, using tried and true recipes from top bloggers and recipes sites that you know and love. Whether you’re looking for Quick & Healthy, Budget Friendly, Low Carb, Clean Eating, Vegetarian, or something in between - we’ve got you covered.

Why Relish+?

  • Full Access to a Growing Library

    Unlike most meal planning services, Relish+ allows you access to the full library of customizable meal plans (50+ at launch with more added each week).

  • Plans that Work for You

    We create the plan, you make changes so it’s realistic for your life. We offer plans for 4-days, 5-days, and 7-days because most of us aren’t cooking every night! Easily adjust the number of servings and swap recipes on any plan.

  • Personalized to Fit Your Taste

    Just like a podcast, a Fodcast is a series of meal plans that Relish+ members can subscribe to so they automatically receive the latest plans they’re most interested in.

  • Streamlined Shopping

    Get all the items you need for the week in one trip, or let someone else do the shopping for you. Relish+ is integrated with many popular grocery services including Amazon Fresh, Instacart, Walmart, Shipt, Kroger and more.

  • Keep Your Budget on Track

    Each plan is created so that ingredients overlap, and you aren’t wasting money on items you’ll never use up. No overpriced individually packaged ingredients here, just regular groceries.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the meal plans like on Relish+? What do they include?

    Relish+ meal plans are customizable and flexible. We offer plans for 4-days, 5-days, and 7-days that include mostly dinner entree recipes, and often time other extras such as dessert or cocktail recipes depending on the particular plan. You can easily swap out any recipes you don’t like, add or delete days, and change the number of servings to make the plans work for you.

  • Where do the recipes come from that are used in the meal plans on Relish+?

    Our library of meal plans is created by nutritionists using our database of 50,000+ top rated recipes from popular bloggers and recipes sites, including Simply Recipes, Skinnytaste, Diethood, Cookie & Kate, Well Plated, Oh Sweet Basil, Serious Eats, and more.

  • Do you have breakfast and lunch plans?

    Currently our plans are mostly dinner-focused. However, because of the flexibility of Relish+, you are able to easily add any of your saved breakfast or lunch recipes to your schedule for the week or days ahead, and the ingredients will be added to your shopping list.

  • Once I have my shopping list, how do I get my groceries through Relish?

    It is easy to get groceries using Relish! Right below your shopping list is a field where you can enter your zipcode to see the grocery services available in your area. From there, you can select the retailer you’d like to use and your cart will be automatically created based on your shopping list. Or, if you’d rather go to the store yourself you can either bring your list with you on your smartphone, or print it out. We’ve sorted it by grocery aisle so your shopping trip will be quick and easy!

  • With Relish+, would I have access to all the meal plans?

    Unlike many other meal planning services, Relish+ allows members to access our full library of customizable meal plans the moment you become a member, with new plans being added each week.

  • How much does Relish+ cost?

    Relish+ memberships start at $3.75/month with a 12-month membership. There are also 3-month and 6-month membership plans available starting at $4.95/month.

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