With Relish you can create a new funding source for your organization – and reduce stress by helping people save money and eat healthier at the same time.

How It Works

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    Set-Up Your Org To Earn

    Setting up your organization as an approved seller for Relish+ takes one business day. Simply email us at fundraising@relish.com and we can get you started. Include your contact info (name, cell# and email) with a short intro about your organization.

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    Tell Your Community

    Announce fundraisers to your community via social media channels, email, website or any communication channel. Something like:

    “Be more organized, save money and eat healthier this year and help [your organization] meet our fundraising goals at the same time.”

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    Earn Money With Relish+

    With each person that purchases a Relish+ membership, you will earn $1/month/person. This means if an individual subscribes for a year, you will earn $12. We will send your organization funds on a continuous basis for as long as your members stay subscribed.

Fundraising with Relish+ is great for:

Sports Teams
Booster Clubs

Why Fundraise With Relish+

Fundraising with Relish+ is turnkey; it takes one business day to set up a campaign, and is as easy as simply sending an email or posting an announcement on social media.

But most important, Relish+ offers your community a solution for reducing daily stress on busy households as well as a proven way to save money and time. With Relish+ your members can get all the benefits below.

Full access to a library of high quality meals from the best publishers

Unlike most meal planning services, Relish+ allows you to access our entire library of customizable meal plans created using tried and true recipes from top bloggers and recipes sites that you know and love.

Customizable meal plans that work for you

We create the plan, you make changes so it’s realistic for your life. You can easily adjust the number of servings that a recipe makes, swap out any recipes within a meal plan and change the amount of days a plan covers to fit your needs.

Get organized with our easy to use meal planning calendar

Plan out what your family will be eating for days, weeks or even months at a time! Drag and drop recipes or entire meal plans to a calendar, make adjustments, and choose which days to shop for when it is convenient for you.

Save time with your smart Relish shopping list

Once you’ve selected the recipes you’re planning to make, the ingredients you need will be added to a consolidated shopping list. You can sort your list by grocery aisle or ingredient, and easily remove items you don’t need. Use the shopping view when you take your phone to the store and check off items as you shop, or print it out.

Getting groceries has never been easier

Choose from a list of local grocery stores and have all of your items ready for pickup or delivered in just a few clicks. Relish+ works with Instacart, Walmart, Amazon Fresh, Kroger and more.

Meal Plans and Recipes from the Most Trusted Sources

Relish+ offers members access to a library of meal plans created by nutritionists, using tried and true recipes from top bloggers and recipes sites that you know and love. Whether you’re looking for Quick & Healthy, Budget Friendly, Low Carb, Clean Eating, Vegetarian, or something in between - we’ve got you covered.

Fundraising FAQs for Relish+

  • How easy is it to set up my specific fundraiser with Relish+?

    Fundraising with Relish+ is simple and turnkey. Email us at fundraising@relish.com and give us specifics. We can get you set up in one business day. Include your name, the name of your organization with a link to your website/Facebook page as well as your contact information. If you have a logo for your organization, send that to us as well and we can build a custom webpage for your fundraising program that you can link to in your marketing materials.

  • How much can I earn by doing a fundraiser with Relish+?

    Fundraising with Relish+ doesn’t just earn you money today; a program will earn your organization money each month because you get paid $1/subscriber/month for as long as your supporters continue to subscribe to Relish+.

  • How does my organization get paid from the Relish+ memberships that we sell?

    We have built a personalized dashboard that your organization can access 24x7 via the web to check on how much money you have earned. We will then cut you a check quarterly for the fees accumulated over the 3-month timeframe. If you need a different payment plan, email us directly and we can work it out.

  • How much can I earn by doing a fundraiser with Relish+?

    Fundraising with Relish+ is simple but more importantly, the benefits of a Relish+ membership are relevant to so many households globally. Relish+ saves busy households money, saves people time and eliminates the daily stress of “what’s for dinner?” Meal plans are already built for 3-7 days and consumers can customize for their specific household needs.

    At only $3.75/month, everyone considers Relish+ a worthwhile investment for their household.

  • Are there additional benefits to a Relish+ fundraiser?

    Yes, there are a couple other custom elements we can include as part of your fundraising efforts. Depending on your org, some may be more helpful than others. Contact us and we can look at each one together.

  • What types of organizations have had success raising money with a Relish+ fundraiser?

    Many types of organizations have successfully raised money using Relish+. PTAs, churches, sports booster clubs have all offered Relish+ memberships to their supporters and made money. If you are unsure if this type of fundraiser is right for your org, feel free to email us at fundraising@relish.com and we will help you think through the details.

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